About Vida

Vida is an extremely passionate Family Constellations Therapist, and is dedicated to working deeply with the Ancestral Line to bring healing, honour and balance, for the personal and the collective.
She has been offering Sister Circle Cacao Ceremonies and retreats around the world. Womb Clearing, healing the trauma from abortion and miscarriage, and reconnecting to the old ways; the Earth and Moon cycles, our Womb cycles, the importance of our blood, and going back to the times when the Divine Feminine was worshipped. 
She trained in Tantric Yoni Massage because reconnecting women to their own Divine Feminine Energy is so incredibly sacred, and so powerfully life changing.
Vida spends most of her time between her Native Scotland, Thailand and Australia.
The last year was a pilgrimage of deep ancestral connection to the sacred and energetic sites around Scotland and Europe. Working with ancient Stone Circles, Ley Lines, and Sacred Geometry Meditation, she has woven a new story... which starts with the old one.