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About Vida

Vida is an extremely passionate Family Constellations Therapist, and Teacher. She is dedicated to working deeply with the Ancestral Line to bring healing, honour and balance, for the personal and the collective.

She has been studying this work since 2016 and the impact it has had on her own life and family system is immeasurable

Vida's other passion is Innerdance, and the two offerings interweave in the most fascinating ways. It is her joy to share her experience in trainings, retreats and group sessions around the world.

She trained in Tantric Massage, because being connected  to your own Divine Energy is so incredibly sacred, and so powerfully life changing. Sexual energy does not only sit in the genitals, this is life force energy, When we shut it down due to shame or abuse, we cut off our life force

Vida spends most of her time between her Native Scotland, Thailand and Australia. 

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