Ancestral Trauma Therapy (Family Constellations)

"Any injustice done to, or committed by a family member in a previous generation, must be balanced by the acts of a later family member."



Family Constellations is one of the deepest and most powerful therapies ever devised. In a single session, it will reveal important information about the ancestors, that can heal, liberate and transform our lives for the better.

We are all playing out patterns that don't belong to us. These patterns come from unseen trauma passed down from our ancestors. Whatever it was that was ignored or excluded, doesn't disappear, it comes back trying to be seen in the next generations


In the session, we will take an issue that's impacting your life (it can be emotional, health, practical, personal relationships, limiting belief patterns, a specific event or behaviour, absolutely anything) and we find out where/who it originally comes from (you don't need to know your ancestral history in advance.) We allow acknowledgement of the trauma and with honour we give it back, so you can be released from continuing to play it out in your own life.


We do this using a group, and each person will represent someone or something from your story. For example, someone will be you, someone else your parent, someone else the emotion we are looking at, or the event etc. What happens next is truly inexplicable. They will start to feel the feelings and emotions of whatever they are representing, and it's uncanny. They know nothing of your story but will be so accurate in what they do and say, you will not believe it. (It happens every time and the client always confirms the accuracy and is rather speechless.)

We uncover the surprising root of where your issue comes from and then use specifics for healing it, so by the end of the session you are free of the trauma that led to you holding this issue. It heals not only you, but the whole family system, which means it breaks the cycle so the next generations don't have to carry it.

We are basically bringing acknowledgement to what is unseen and super charged, so it can rest.

We do this without the need for family members to be present.

No experience is required, you will receive exactly what you are ready for. I will hold a very safe and loving space for you to give back whatever needs to be seen.

** What happens to the people representing your family members is called Phenomenology. It cannot be scientifically explained. My understanding is that time isn't linear, so everything that ever was and ever will be, it just is, and is always available, So when the intention is set, and the space is opened up, we can tap in to the Morphogenic Field and we feel what is ready and waiting. There is no specific skill set or experience required for this, every single person I have worked with over the years (from all walks of life) has automatically been able to do it.


"In the few hours I’ve spent with Vida, I’ve healed in more ways than from 15 years with psychiatrists.”


“At the end of the day my mind had been truly blown. I came away having put away an issue that had been ongoing for years (despite working my way through various therapies!) One constellation and the issue was resolved – amazing”


"It is still the most powerful and transformational session I’ve done after 8 plus years of serious self development and enquiry. My family communication has opened up this year in a way I didn’t believe possible. This work is phenomenal and with you as a space holder literally mind blowing."


“A great experience as it answers a lot of ancestral history, and left me feeling free. And this is stuff I held for years , never knew why I was holding, but knew it wasn’t mine, but no matter how much other healing techniques I’ve done, it just didn’t seem to shift. Until I did this with Vida.”


"A unique and unforgettable experience .. I will always be grateful, from me and my whole family for all this. Now I can smile and go my way with my head held high”


"Family constellation therapy was something out of this world. I didn’t know anything about it and it blew me away. There’s no words to describe it, there is nothing else like it, it just needs to be experienced. It’s intense, emotional (have tissues handy) and liberating. The impact it has on you – past, present and future – is immense”

"To try to explain how a family constellation works is like trying to explain the taste of honey, you can’t do it, one simply has to taste, so I won’t try. What I can speak about though is the ability to facilitate a group of people with such kindness, care and attention to detail through one of the most profound, heart opening experiences that I have ever experienced. Vida is on this earth to help people feel the love that they deserve and that is what she is doing, very well. Thank you so much Vida, you have given me something that’s priceless and I am truly grateful"