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Family Constellations

"It didn´t start with you, but it can end with you."

Free yourself from unhealthy family dynamics;

Parenting your parent, scapegoating, narcissism, not belonging, odd one out, judged, blamed, people pleasing, abuse, pain, sadness, rejection, abandonment, nobody talks about emotions, not good enough, anger, shame.... the list goes on. Health issues, relationship issues and financial issues also come as a result of unresolved family stories.


It is often the most obvious relationships that have the biggest impact on us, especially when unseen dynamics are at play. This session helps you to see these patterns and entanglements, so they no longer hold a charge in the family system.

The Mother/Father wound must be healed if we are to thrive in our lives. Even if we love our parents, it doesn't mean we are free from their burdens. This session will bring acknowledgement to what is excluded and help you to unburden yourself, so you can live your own life and stand in your own place.

For seven years I have watched not only my own life and family system changing in ways I couldn't have imagined, but the same for my clients and students. Unbelievable shifts and changes happen so rapidly. I feel very deeply that EVERYONE benefits from the understanding of this work. I haven't encountered an issue that doesn't link back to the family system. Be it business, health, love etc

Clients report magical outcomes and it all comes from understanding the hidden links within the family system, and releasing them. It's really simple and I'm desperate to share it with everyone I meet, because it changes lives!

"In the few hours I’ve spent with Vida, I’ve healed in more ways than from 15 years with psychiatrists.”


“At the end of the day my mind had been truly blown. I came away having put away an issue that had been ongoing for years (despite working my way through various therapies!) One constellation and the issue was resolved – amazing”


"It is still the most powerful and transformational session I’ve done after 8 plus years of serious self development and enquiry. My family communication has opened up this year in a way I didn’t believe possible. This work is phenomenal"


“A great experience as it answers a lot of ancestral history, and left me feeling free. And this is stuff I held for years , never knew why I was holding, but knew it wasn’t mine, but no matter how much other healing techniques I’ve done, it just didn’t seem to shift. Until I did this with Vida.”


"A unique and unforgettable experience .. I will always be grateful, from me and my whole family for all this. Now I can smile and go my way with my head held high”


"Family constellation therapy was something out of this world. I didn’t know anything about it and it blew me away. There’s no words to describe it, there is nothing else like it, it just needs to be experienced. It’s liberating.”

"One of the most profound, heart opening experiences that I have ever experienced. Vida is on this earth to help people feel the love that they deserve and that is what she is doing, very well. Thank you so much Vida, you have given me something that’s priceless and I am truly grateful"

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