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"It didn´t start with you, but it can end with you."


Set yourself free from unhealthy family dynamics.
Parenting your parent, scapegoating, narcissism, not belonging, odd one out, judged, blamed, people pleasing, abuse, pain, sadness, rejection, abandonment, nobody talks about emotions, not good enough, anger, shame.... the list goes on. Health issues, relationship issues and financial issues also come as a result of unresolved family stories.

This is a personal journey where you will learn to re-balance and heal your own family dynamics. It is often the most obvious relationships that have the biggest impact on us, especially when unseen. The Mother/Father wound must be healed if we are to thrive in our lives. Even if we love our parents, it doesn't mean we are free from their burdens. This course will give you the knowledge and tools to unburden youself so you can live your own life and stand in your own place. You will learn how to understand and identify the unseen factors that are affecting the system, and this alone brings a multitude of healing. There are simple formulas and techniques that can be applied, that will release you from entanglements and unhealthy dynamics.


Throughout the training we will cover the following topics:

Understanding Family Constellations
How systems work
The Consciences
Laws of Family Constellations: Belonging, Order and Balance
Victim Perpetrator
The Dead
Entanglement patterns
Guilt, Innocence and Forgiveness
Parents and Children
Movements of Love
Sacred Vow
Healing Sentences
The Empty Centre



What makes this special?
Usually you will either have a two hour Family Constellation session which will heal one issue, or you will do a full facilitator training.
Instead I have created this offering so that everyone can learn the fundamentals of this healing technique and apply it to their own life, without the pressure of learning to facilitate. You will learn the knowledge and apply it to yourself and your family, using constellation activities in groups, one to one and with homework tasks.


Who am I?
I have been working with Family Constellations for over 6 years and originally trained in Australia with Yildiz Sethi.
Yildiz trained directly with Bert Hellinger and maintains the traditional teaching. She also trained with Svagito Liebermeister, Albrecht Mahr, Berthold Ulsamer and Ursula Franke.
Since then I have also completed training courses with Yishai Gaster, Meirav Schreiber, Elena Veselago, and Karmic Constellation training with Yael Eini. Ravit Levin has also been a great mentor to me.
Previously I was a professional coach and trainer for 10 years, so it gives me great pleasure to apply those skills
in such a rewarding field.


This is a level 1 course which covers all of the fundamental knowledge of Family Constellations Therapy, to be applied to your own personal life. Anyone wishing to move on to level 2 and learn facilitation should complete this course first.



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