Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Who and Why?

These Clients 

"Words just don’t do justice for the experience I had within my family constellation, I’ve healed in more ways than from 15 years with psychiatrists"

"After more than 15 years of endless psychological sessions with world-renowned experts in the field of sexual abuse, I have only gained a little intellectual understanding of the phenomenon.

After only one weekend with Family Constellations Therapy, I regained my dignity and was able to face with courage emotions of disgust, revolt and hatred deeply rooted in my body.

Now I'm finally free!"

This training is a powerful methodology for changing patterns in the areas of relationships, mental health, depression, self esteem, anxiety, health issues, sexual abuse and trauma.

Family Constellations is a brief and experiential approach that may stand alone, or be used as part of a longer term therapeutic or coaching programme. This is a powerful and fast tool that can compliment your existing skill set and assist with deep shifts for you clients.

This course is suitable for Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors, Social Workers, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Family Law Mediators, Natural Therapists, Life Coaches, and anyone interested in working in the area of Personal Development.

However, no previous experience is required, so this course is also available to anyone interested in diving deeper on a personal healing journey, or changing career and entering the world of Therapy. All is welcome here.

Why train with me?

A more passionate facilitator you may struggle to find. 

This work is my life, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.

With 15 years of experience in the Coaching and Training industry, I left the corporate world 5 years ago and found Family Constellation Therapy. I am offering this work around the world and notice that whilst it is widely popular in many countries, even used in Schools and Prisons, it is still low key in the UK. So now I give you the opportunity to learn this powerful work, and join me on this journey, as I bring Family Constellations back to my own ancestral land. 

Payment plan available

£2500 Full Price

£2200 Early Bird

£600 Deposit + 4 instalments of £400 (time frame negotiable)

(you can charge £90 per session once qualified)


What to Expect

This course will allow you to work personally and professionally through the foundation levels of systemic healing. 

You will receive:

10 days luxury country retreat including food and accommodation

  • 11th-15th September

  • 23rd-26th October

  • 13th-16th November

Single bed accommodation in twin rooms

3 vegetarian meals per day (vegan and other dietary requirements catered for)

Retreat location:

3 additional city centre location workshops (dates TBC)

2 group zoom sessions

1 private zoom session with me

Small group and more individual attention (max 9)

Certification granted upon completion of all days, along with submission of 2 x 500 word case studies, and facilitation of an online private 1:1 session

Course Content

This course provides the opportunity for a very deep, self healing experience, whilst at the same time learning how to hold space and facilitate for others. You will heal your own systemic wounds on an experiential level as you proceed through these modules.

MODULE 1: Family of Origin (Parent-Child)

MODULE 2 : Present Family (Man-Woman)

These modules will include the following topics:

  • Understanding the three systemic laws in action: Belonging, Order and

  • Balance

  • The function of conscience and the need to belong

  • Resolving personal and family guilt

  • The balance of giving and taking

  • The victim-perpetrator dynamic

  • The effects of spoken sentences that heal

  • What is ‘blind love’

  • The interrupted movement to the mother

  • How to recognise the hidden dynamics in a family system; who is identified with whom, who has been excluded, who wants to disconnect from the family matrix.

  • How to distinguish entangled from healing movements, and to diagnose what the movements of the constellation reveal about the inner dynamic of each family member.

  • How to find simple, solution based interventions to bring awareness and acknowledgement, so the love between the family members can flow again.

  • Addiction, abortion, adoption, sexual abuse.

MODULE 3: Holding a Session

This will include the following topics:​

  • The interview before a constellation: how to gather relevant information

  • Steps to setting up constellations

  • Different styles of constellations

  • When to end or close a constellation