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Women's Wisdom Keepers Weekend Retreat


Join us for a weekend of Wisdom.

In these changing times, the only way forward is for us to go back


Connect to your own, Inner Wisdom, the Collective Wisdom, and the Wisdom of the stones, the trees and the earth.


We will journey together, back to the place of deep knowing that we learned from our great, great Grandmothers; The See'ers, The Healers, The Medicine Women, The Wisom Keepers.


This beautiful, biodynamic permaculture property sits on an energetic lay line, surrounding us with pure nature and power. The Standing Stones in the nearby glen speak the ancient mysteries, and the on-site labyrinth and wood-fired hot tub offer the chance to take some time out. With cosy cottages, healthy food, and great company, this is the perfect opportunity to breathe, connect, relax and re-wild.


Heart opening cacao ceremony

Outdoor fire pit and sharing circle

Wood fired hot tub

Natural Wim Hof ice bath

Inner Dance enquiry session

Collective Constellation

Tree meditation

Standing Stones/group meditation

Walk the Labyrinth

Explore the permaculture plants, animals and river on the property

Healthy Vegetarian food

Twin sharing rooms in cosy cottages


Additional Services not included but available by request:

Aura/Soul Reading

Abdominal Detox Massage


Location: Barmolloch Cottages, Kilmichael Glen, Nr, Ford, Lochgilphead PA31 8RJ


Exchange: £199 (This has been set at half the normal price to stay available to those who have been financially impacted recently. This event is not about money, but more about connecting to the aspects that can support us in these changing times)

£50 deposit to secure your spot

3 days/2 nights

Fri 2pm - Sun 4pm

Sister Circle Cacao Ceremony: Text
Sister Circle Cacao Ceremony: Events List
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