Inner Dance


Inner Dance is a unique experience that combines energy work and shamanic journeying. It peels away layers of the mind and allows you to dance through your subconscious, revealing deep insights.


Lying down on your mat, you enter a journey of sound and inner vision. Specific music, frequencies and beats impact your brainwaves resulting in feelings of dreaming awake.


This experience catalyses inner exploration, identification, deconstruction of illusions, and unraveling of conditions.


Singing bowls, rattles, bells and other instruments merge with electronic sounds and beats. These sounds echo at cellular levels, allowing deep healing and transformation.


The body cleanses emotionally, psychologically and subconsciously, as old information rises to the surface, ready to release.


Upcoming Events

  • TBD
    Inner Dance Workshop - Edinburgh
    The Salisbury Centre
    Time is TBD
    The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5AB, UK
  • Inner Dance Workshop Glasgow
    The Wee Retreat CIC
    03 Jul 2020, 18:30 – 21:30
    The Wee Retreat CIC, 2 Myrtle Park, Glasgow G42 8UQ, UK