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Ancestral Healing Workshop

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  • The Wee Retreat

Service Description

Family Constellations is one of the deepest and most powerful therapies ever devised. In a single session, it will reveal important information about the ancestors, that can heal, liberate and transform our lives for the better. Don't you always like to repay a favour, or a debt? Or sometimes even a wound you have received? To balance your conscience. Well, within the family system there is a far more powerful force at play. A much deeper phenomenon operating on a trans-generational scale. This basic law dictates that if one family member doesn't take responsibility for his acts, then someone else in the family will. The collective conscience passes the buck from generation to generation until it is claimed, addressed and cancelled out. Who's trauma are you carrying? Who's debt are you repaying? You probably don't even know the ancestor, but those patterns you notice in your life, family, relationships, health, career, finances, they don't belong to you. It's time to heal them. If you are going to rise above the entanglements of your family dynamic, you first need to understand your family's collective conscience. This is what we will experience during the session, and allow the love to flow where it has been blocked. When balance has been restored, when old accounts have been settled, when everything and everyone is in rightful order, only then will you be truly free to explore your own life. HOW DOES IT WORK? MAGIC! We do this without the need for family members to be present. There will be a group of people that will represent you and your family members, and once they step in to the “Field” they will begin to feel things that the real family member actually feels/felt. This phenomenon has been corroborated many, many times. It cannot be scientifically explained but every time it leaves the client in disbelief at how accurate it is. If you are the SUBJECT, we will look at your issue, or you can choose to be a REPRESENTATIVE and participate in someone else’s issue. As we all carry similar blockages, you will receive healing from other people’s stories, and this may actually be more beneficial than diving straight in to your own first. You can trust that healing will start, regardless of whether you are the client or representative. No experience is required, you will receive exactly what you are ready for. I will hold a very safe and loving space for you to give back whatever needs to be seen.

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