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Tantric Yoni Massage

It is now time to rise.

Women all over the world are now stepping up and speaking up. It’s time to remember; who we are and who we were. Who we came from and how it used to be. Back when the Feminine was honoured and worshipped. It has been lost but not forgotten. There is a deep knowing inside you somewhere, that’s why you are reading this page. The question is, are you ready to take the next step?


Tantric Yoni Massage has a bit of a mixed reputation, most people think it is simply a sexual massage. I offer this work as a very beautiful and sacred process, which should be honoured and respected. This massage is more than a massage, it is a way back to your true self. The pure, feminine power and beauty that lies within you.

But first, we have to clear what is holding you back.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals, it is translated as ‘The Source of all Life’ some say, The Holy Grail. To me, the Yoni is a sacred temple, where the Divine Energy can be honoured.

There are many reasons we become disconnected from this energy; shame, guilt, fear, sexual abuse and trauma, inherited trauma, feeling inadequate, body shame, rejection, societal and cultural pressures, the list goes on.

Perhaps you don’t feel any of these things, 75% of women who claim to have a fulfilling sex life, are just not aware of their full potential.


This will take approximately 3-4 hours. We will firstly spend time discussing your relationship with your Yoni, with sex, with your cycle and the earth and moon cycles, whether you experience pleasure or pain, negative thought patterns and beliefs, why you have come and what your intention might be etc.

Next, we move in to the massage. You will be naked under a sarong, and I will slowly introduce your body and skin to gentle touch, allowing you to drop in to the space and feel comfortable. Removing the sarong, we continue with a full body tantric massage, working with the Kundalini energy, moving it around the body, awakening and preparing you for the next stage. 

We then begin the honouring of your sacred Yoni space. After a short prayer I will use massage strokes for healing and awakening your Yoni. 

This is a time for you, to surrender to what is held deep within you. There is nobody else there, no partner, no expectations, no judgement. I am invisible, simply a tool to allow YOU to be with YOU. And perhaps really meet yourself for the first time. There may be tears, sadness, anger, numbness, joy, sound, explosion, orgasm, the release of many things (including Kalas, the sacred feminine liquid.) This is an opportunity for your sexual expression to come forth and be seen, and heard. Open that blocked throat chakra; scream, wail, laugh, all is welcome.

We will end by moving the energy up to the Heart Chakra, and finally the Crown Chakra. You can experience a deep and beautiful connection with The Divine, both energetically and physically, and your body may start to vibrate with waves of bliss and pleasure.

Whether your Yoni needs healing or just awakening, it’s time to honour her and allow yourself to come in to your full power. A woman who embraces her Divine Feminine, is a woman who is aware of her own capabilities, and lives in balance and freedom. 

Exchange: £160

**Not suitable if you have an IUD, active STD, are menstruating, or have had abdominal/gynaecological surgery within the last year** 

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Couples Tantric Workshop

Connect In Ecstasy

Curious about Tantra? Want to add more depth to your relationship?


Join us in this workshop designed to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. You will learn techniques that connect you to sacred sexual energy, how to move that energy around the body, and how to experience pleasure on a whole new level.


75% of women who claim to have a healthy sex life, are not aware that they are not reaching their full orgasmic potential. In a world where one in three women struggles to orgasm at all, let alone have multiple orgasms, Male multiple orgasm sounds like a myth. And a world where men have an orgasm, ejaculate, and only sometimes, if they have enough energy, recover enough to get an erection again within 20 minutes or so.


Let me introduce you to a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and your partners. The workshop will cover:

- how to arouse your lover through the erogenous zones

- how to create sacred, erotic space

- techniques to prolong arousal

- full body orgasms

- yoni massage

- lingam massage

- a greater awareness of your own sexuality

- how sexual energy moves, flows and why Tantra utilises this energy as a medicine for pleasure, healing and vitality


Day 1 will include full body Tantric Massage, and practice of Yoni Massage

Day 2 will include full body Tantric Massage, and practice of Lingam Massage


It is open to anyone interested in learning about and connecting with these beautiful techniques. You will work only with your partner. This can be any partner; friendships and same sex welcome. If you do not have a partner and wish to join, please let me know.


Tantra is about weaving energy. Learn to become more in-tune with your own body and your partner's, and let's weave beautiful magic together

Exchange: £100 per person per day

**This course includes nudity and intimate personal touch. It is essential that those wishing to join are ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity, sincerity, and respect. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. Many participants experience energy-based orgasmic sensations in the course, however this is dependant on many personal factors, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


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